Quick Start

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Loading Waves from EDA Playground

You can run a simulation on EDA Playground and load the resulting waves in EPWave.

  • Go to your code on EDA Playground. For example: RAM Design and Test

  • Make sure your code contains appropriate function calls to create a *.vcd file. For example:

    initial begin
  • Select a simulator and check the Open EPWave after run checkbox. (Not all simulators may have this run option.)

  • Click Run. After the run completes, the resulting waves will load in a new EPWave window. (Pop-ups must be enabled.)

Loading Waves from File or URL

  • On EPWave Homepage, specify the wave dump file to load. There are 2 sources for loading waves.

    1. Specify the URL pointing to the waves accessible over the web, such as a file in a public Dropbox folder.
    2. Upload the wave dump from your own computer.
  • After specifying the wave dump file, you can click the Load button to load the waves.

  • If your wave dump contains 2000 signals or larger, you may specify a Signal Filter so that fewer than 2000 signals are loaded. If Signal Filter is not specified, then only the first 2000 signals will be loaded. Click on the + on the top left to open the Signal Filter. For *.vcd files, the filter accepts regular expressions.


    After specifying the Signal Filter, click the Load button to load the waves.

  • (Optional) You may specify the From and/or To times to limit the time range of the loaded wave. If your wave dump contains a lot of data, then the ending To time will automatically be limited.


Viewing Signals

After loading the waves, you can display signals by using the Get Signals button.